Topmost Film Festivals In The World

Are you a fan of movies and celebrities? Do you love to see how your favorite celebrities get dressed up in film festivals and how do they enjoy? Or you want to know about the awards won by your favorite celebs? There are some of the great film festivals where you can find your favorite celebs and watch out the way they enjoy. So, being a film fan, you should know about the topmost film festivals that take place around the world.

Top 10 film festivals that take place in the world:


  1. International Film Festival at Dubai:

Earlier, Dubai was known for the desert area but nowadays the country is modernized with attractive techniques. It catches the eye of a traveler and is the best place for tourists. International film festival was started in the year 2004 for the first time at Dubai and since 2004; it has been taking place every year with rapid growth. Film festival in Dubai takes place from 10th of December to 17th of December every year. You can get to see lots of big stars in this festival.

  1. International Film Festival at Berlin:

Berlin international film festival is the most popular festival in the world that takes place every year in the month of February every year. In this film festival, a best film is warded with a golden bear that is the most prestigious award in the world of movies and cinemas.

  • Film Festival at Venice:

Venice is popular for the biggest world premieres that take place there. Film festival is organized every year at Venice where people from film industry gets together and experiences the new work done by directors from all over the world.


  1. Festival De Cannes:

Cannes festival is considered as the topmost and largest film festival that gets organized in month of May every year. In this festival, world’s top directors showcase their movies and the audience in the festival rates the movies. Although the festival is of the high level but it has never changed its way of getting rating by audience.

  1. International Film Festival at Seattle:

Seattle international film festival is among the popular film festival where the film genres are featured and various documentaries and movies are being projected. In this film festival, best film is awarded a most renowned award known as Golden space needle that is voted by audience in the festival. The festival takes place in July and durations might vary.

  1. International Film Festival at Toronto:

The international film festival at Toronto was started in 1976 and from then it has been gaining lot of popularity that around 4,50,000 people attend this festival every year and 40 screens are arranged for this purpose. In this festival, awards like Best Canadian feature film and People’s choice are awarded. It starts every year on the first Monday of September month and lasts for next eleven days.

So, above are the biggest film festivals that are organized every year and awards the most renowned awards to the most rated movies, directors and actors by the audience.


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