The Finest Film Festivals For Documentary Filmmakers

The documentary filmmakers world over find it difficult to select the leading documentary film festivals where they should send their entries. However, some of them send their entries to less reputed festivals due to ignorance. You would be aware, several documentary film festivals take place in different places around the world. Each film festival exhibits the best documentary films besides presenting various other events. Some of which even facilitate the documentary filmmakers and professionals with interesting information. Whereas, some others feature contentious films to attract producers, merchants, and other stakeholders from across the globe. Now we provide you an opportunity to know about the finest documentary film festivals across the world.


Cinema Du Reel

Held in Paris, France, the Cinema Du Reel is considered an exceptional film festival for documentaries. The film festival is open to various wiring forms and ideas. Thus, it has become an engaging point and reference and meeting event for the audience as well as professional experts from across the world. The festival is dedicated to discovering the new ideas, documentary films and budding talents besides offering the history of documentary cinema and modern works.

Afi Discovery Silverdocs

The festival showcases the finest of the documentary films from across the world. Started in 2003, this film festival also manages an annual international conference in the United States, which is a leading professional conference involving documentary films. This festival is dedicated to support and promote documentary films as ideal art-form to deal with burning issues. The documentary films created by independent filmmakers showcase the idea of concern, which attracts discussions and debates concerning the theme.

Camden International Film Festival

The film festival showcases the documentary films of all genres and sizes in its annual event. Begun in 2004, The film festival takes place in Maine, United States, every year. It is known as one of the top film festivals across the world featuring documentary films of all types and sizes. This event offers a conducive environment for filmmakers as well as other stakeholders to engage with audiences, filmmakers, and producers from across the globe.



Docaviv is considered one of the leading documentary film festivals. Held in Israeli city Tel Aviv, this is the only film festival that exclusively showcases documentary cinema. Being Tel Aviv’s biggest film event, it is also regarded as one of the most cherished film festivals world over. The organizers receive selected documentary movies from Israel as well as other countries. Moreover, the festival provides numerous opportunities to independent filmmakers to establish a connect with other professionals and various business opportunities available.

Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival

Held in Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival is the most popular and key documentary film festival. The festival is dedicated to supporting innovative independent filmmakers. The event offers six genres to compete in. The festival organizers also support documentary filmmakers by offering screening, funds and partnership in production.

The above documentary film festivals are considered as the leading events facilitating and supporting short and documentary movies. The independent and professional filmmakers from across the world enthusiastically take part in these film festivals.


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