Film Festivals That Anyone Can Visit

Many moviemakers have a dream to visit world’s biggest film festivals like Venice, Cannes, Berlin etc. but trying your luck to visit such film festivals might get failed. Whenever you start doing something, you start from the small. So, it is good if moviemakers know where they can visit if they are new in market. Dreaming for big is not wrong but it can be achieved if you start from the small step. There are many film festivals where you can visit easily.


Film festivals anyone can visit:

American documentary film festival:

AmDoc’s Film Festival was found by Teddy Grouya with an objective of promoting of documentary films so that independent moviemakers could come up with their ideas and share their ideas with the public. You can submit your documentaries at AmDoc’s Film Festival and it gives the price award of $50,000 to the winners.


Atlanta Film Festival:

Atlanta Film festival is one of the biggest film festivals in the country that usually invites audience of around 25,000 for discovering, experiencing and appreciating the new independent moviemakers it has been recognized as the best film festival from Sunday Paper, Creative Loafing etc.

Bendfilm Festival:

Bendfilm festival is popular among all film festivals that is aimed at celebrating and promoting the independent cinema via lectures, films or education.

Austin Festival:

Austin film festival encourages writers and moviemakers to participate in Screenplay competitions. It keeps on organizing various events such as membership programs, film maker programs for youngster, shows on radio and TV throughout the year.

Brooklyn short film festival:

Brooklyn film festival is aimed at support short film and documentaries made by independent moviemakers. Even if it does not accept any short film, it sends the feedback with analysis of weakness found in the film so that moviemakers could improve on that.

Camden international film festival:

If you love to watch documentaries, then Camden International Film Festival is a place that you must visit. The festival launches the documentaries and short films that are most liked by the audience.

"Here Comes The Devil" screening at Fantastic Fest on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 in Austin, Texas.(Photo by Jack Plunkett)

Calgary International Film Festival:

This film festival is one of the biggest film festivals. Earlier, when it was started it had only audience of 8,000 people and ran for just three days but now it has audience of more than 20,000 people that runs for 12 days. Around 200 short films and multi genres are showcased in this festival.

Chagrin Film Festival:

Chagrin film festival is a celebration that runs for five days and it is aimed at inspiring audiences and moviemakers. Festival is organized around the village of Chagrin falls.

DOK Leipzig International Film Festival:

DOK Leipzig International Film Festival also supports the promotion of short films and documentaries. It hands over a good amount of money to the winners and also organizes hackathon of three days.

So, these film festivals may help you to enter as an independent moviemaker without doing lots of efforts. If you are a creative moviemaker, then you can do best here.


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