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8 Common Mistakes That Can Kill A Filmmaker’s Career

Filmmaking is one risky business and for sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. A filmmaking aspirant needs to have the ignited passion towards his profession and the ability to cope up with the challenging world of cinema making. To make a long, successful and more importantly a stable career in this line is long Read More

The Finest Film Festivals For Documentary Filmmakers

The documentary filmmakers world over find it difficult to select the leading documentary film festivals where they should send their entries. However, some of them send their entries to less reputed festivals due to ignorance. You would be aware, several documentary film festivals take place in different places around the world. Each film festival exhibits Read More

The Changing World Of Film Fests Across The Globe

‘Film festivals’ connote different meanings to different people. The movie audience takes it as an opportunity to view some exciting stuff from across the world. Their key concern remains as they want to be privileged to see the films before their actual release, whereas sometimes you are able to watch movies that would never be Read More

Some Of The World’s Top Film Fests

You do not need to be an expert in any field to explore about the film festivals. It is such genre that interests person from varied field. Submitting your work to the right event is very necessary so as to win awards. Submitting the work you have done to some film festival is the best Read More

The History Behind Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival– This film festival is conducted by the Sundance Institute. It’s  an American based  film festival, which takes place every year in Utah. It had 46, 731 number of people attending the festival in the year 2012. It is announced as the independent and largest film festival of the United States. In the Read More

Topmost Film Festivals In The World

Are you a fan of movies and celebrities? Do you love to see how your favorite celebrities get dressed up in film festivals and how do they enjoy? Or you want to know about the awards won by your favorite celebs? There are some of the great film festivals where you can find your favorite Read More

Film Festivals That Anyone Can Visit

Many moviemakers have a dream to visit world’s biggest film festivals like Venice, Cannes, Berlin etc. but trying your luck to visit such film festivals might get failed. Whenever you start doing something, you start from the small. So, it is good if moviemakers know where they can visit if they are new in market. Read More

10 Apps, Apt For Filmmakers

Filmmaking is no longer confined to conventional norms and methods. Technological advancements and digitalization have introduced many helpful applications for the film world. Given below are the apps that are highly conducive to filmmaking task and are easily accessible. 1)    Cinema Forms: it is an easy way of maintaining your records at the set without Read More