8 Common Mistakes That Can Kill A Filmmaker’s Career

Filmmaking is one risky business and for sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. A filmmaking aspirant needs to have the ignited passion towards his profession and the ability to cope up with the challenging world of cinema making. To make a long, successful and more importantly a stable career in this line is long road on which a filmmaker stumbles repeatedly. It’s a matter of chance and perseverance that even an infant filmmaker can taste success early in his career. However, to maintain this success he needs to be extra precautionary. By avoiding simple mistakes he can keep permeating life into his career.

Here are small yet deadly mistakes that every filmmaker, amateur or a pro should avoid.


1)    Not taking professional help

Low budget filmmakers or directors, who are in the initial phase of filmmaking, make this mistake of trying to do everything on their own. For the sake of curtailing the costs, filmmakers get trapped by attempting to do small jobs on the sets all by themselves. This results in exhaustion and mental breakdown affecting their ability to work.

2)    Restricting to one skill-set

Filmmakers need creativity, passion and along with that a good knowledge of filmmaking. Most filmmakers will have these qualities but what they ignore is the need of developing other skills such as client handling, team handling, leadership, and basic management skills. If with time a filmmaker fails to inculcate these qualities he is likely to suffer.

3)    Quitting the routine job

As mentioned earlier filmmaking is risky. A person needs to have a plan B and a secondary source of earning bread. In the initial phase failures and financial setbacks are a normalcy. Routines jobs help to deal with these.

4)     Working with the imprudent crew

Filmmaking is not one man’s job. It needs the support and expertise of the whole crew. A filmmaker cannot solely rely on his own talents if he has an uncoordinated and unprofessional team to assist him.


5)    Lack in self-determination

It is imperative for an individual to determine his abilities and flaws. The same is applicable for the filmmakers. He needs to identify the areas that need improvement and work in that direction.

6)    Not taking up the challenges

Working with a trustable team is good but confining oneself in a comfort zone and not taking up the challenges can result in stereotyping of one’s work. Filmmaking is a creative demesne; it needs to have thought-process of different people. A good filmmaker takes up the challenge and works with new people.

7)    Not having a clear motive

People get into film business for different reasons. Some are in for the money while others are attracted to the flashy life it promises whereas some who are true film lovers want to do this for satiating their expression of creativity. Not knowing the right motive can affect the filmmaker’s ability.

8)    Lack of guidance

A filmmaker needs someone to lean on for discussion and debate. No matter how expert he is in his work, he will always need guidance to pursue in this line. A creative network will benefit him more than working in the isolation.

By avoiding these mistakes filmmakers have better chances at succeeding.


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