10 Apps, Apt For Filmmakers

Filmmaking is no longer confined to conventional norms and methods. Technological advancements and digitalization have introduced many helpful applications for the film world. Given below are the apps that are highly conducive to filmmaking task and are easily accessible.


1)    Cinema Forms: it is an easy way of maintaining your records at the set without the hassle of dealing with papers. A filmmaker can assemble all his papers using this app. It is available for iPad.

2)     Gobo: it is a mini-encyclopedia that contains useful information pertaining to the film world. It is a directory for the filmmakers especially who are new to the film industry. The Information such as Color temperature charts and different lenses can be figured by using this app.

3)    LVRUSA: It is a manual for common types of camera used in the industry. The information such as crop factor, the storage capacity of a certain card can be accessed by using this app. It is an easy to use and highly conducive app with a good knowledge about professional cameras

4)    AJA Data Calculator: As the name suggest, it calculates the data. It tells the appropriate estimation of file sizes for the respected shooting scenarios. It is not mandatory to shoot on the AJA camera for using this app. The film can be shot using any camera and a variety of file formats and codecs can be selected for both the audio and video.

5)    Kodak Cinema Tools: Shooting in low light is difficult. This app helps photographers and filmmakers to calculate light during sunset or sunrise, to calculate the depth of field, and calculate film run time. It can be used for digital as well as a film camera.

6)    Panascout: By using this app, users can take pictures of various locations with their GPS attached. It also determines the crop factors and aspect ratios, so cinematographers can have an advanced idea about the actual frame.

7)     Magic hour: This app is not only useful for filmmakers; it is also conducive to day to day photography. The time of the day when lighting is paragon for the photography purpose is known as the magic hour. This app gives a push notification to the users when the magic hour arrives.



8)    Celtex shots: It is an app which helps a filmmaker to design his storyboard and do the set blocking. The props and lights can be dropped into the scene and ideas can be brainstormed with the crew relating to the set blocking. The storyboard can be shared via email, so, the whole crew can have an idea about set blocking and camera angles.

9)     SMAPP: This app helps to identify lenses for different shots and situations. It also enlists the recommended equipment to carry for different shooting scenarios. Based on the shot it will also help to choose between different stabilizers such as a tripod, monopod, glide cam or a slider.

10)    Focus Chart: It helps to check the focus of the lens. For people who are fond of adjusting the focus, this app can save them a lot of time.

All these apps are free and can be downloaded facilely.


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